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Setup Sync

Zotero allows you to save your collection onto their servers, so that you can access it on any computer. This page will show you how to setup Zotero for syncing and also access the HPLP Zotero Group page.

Register & Join HPLP Zotero Group

      1.  Create a Zotero account here. (Note: You might already have an account--Check Here)

      2.  If you are not already a member, join the HPLP group by sending your username information to Prof. Stan. 

Setup Sync in Zotero

       3.  Open the Zotero browser extension (Firefox) or program (Chrome/Safari).

       4.  Click on the small "Gear" icon and choose "Preferences". 

       5.  Under the "Sync" submenu, enter your username and password information.

        6.  Uncheck "Sync attachment files in group" to prevent attachments from being saved on the Group library. You
             can keep "Sync attachment files in My Library" checked if you wish to keep PDF documents of your personal
synced across all your computers. At the moment, Zotero offers 300MB of free space which can be
             increased through paid subscription.  Click "Close" when done.

        7.   If you registered and joined the HPLP Zotero group correctly, the Zotero main console should have two sections
              on the leftmost pane. The first is My Library (shown in green) which will hold your personal documents and will
              only be viewable by you.  The second will be Group Libraries under which should appear HPLP (shown in red)
              which is shared with everyone.  If not follow instruction #2.
             The HPLP Group Library contains the publications created by our group (under HPLP Papers folder) and
              important Research Papers by other groups which are relevant to your research. For more info, visit the
             Collection page of this tutorial.


        8.   With the current setup Zotero will to sync automatically whenever changes are made to your library or Group
              library. However, if for any reason, you need to manually sync your documents, click on the round arrow icon on
              Zotero's main console.