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Export Citations

Zotero can be used to write citations of the documents you have collected in the necessary format. Below is a tutorial on how to generate bibliography in various file formats and BibTeX (BIB) database file with the citations. Zotero can also integrate with Word and LibreOffice--this will be covered in another tutorial.

Generate Bibliography

1. The most convenient method is to collect all the documents in its own folder. Right-click on the folder and choose Create Bibliography from Collection ... . Alternatively, right-clicking on items in the library will allow you to create bibliographic entries for just the selected documents rather than the entire folder.

2. In the dialog box you can choose the bibliography style and output file format. This will create a file with all the bibliography written for you.

Generate BibTeX File

3.  As in step #1, organize the documents in a single folder. Right-click on the folder and select Export Collection ... . On the dialog box, choose BibTeX from the Format drop-down menu. Once you are done choosing the options, you will be asked to save to a .bib file. You can include the BibTeX file in your LaTeX document using the command:

                        \bibliography{bib_file}  % Without .bib extension