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  1. Visit Zotero Download Page and choose to download the Zotero for Firefox browser extension. You can also choose the standalone program if you want to have a separate program.


        2.   Install Zotero add-on to your browser. After installation is complete, a Zotero toolbar should appear as a toolbar at                  the bottom of the browser (shown below). If not, press Shift+Ctrl+Z to activate Zotero.  You can view your library by               clicking on the icon.

Chrome & Safari

  1. You will have to download the standalone program AND the browser plug-in. Collection of documents can be done directly with your browser, but in order to view your library, you will have to open the program.

Internet Explorer
  1. Lucky for you, Zotero doesn't support IE. However, you can change your browser by clicking on one of the links below and enjoy better, faster and more secure internet browsing.