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Collection & Sharing

One of the powerful features of Zotero is its ability to collect important metadata about your research documents. This is useful when you want to search for papers you have already read or when writing citations for your paper. Next time you access a journal paper or important document, save it to your personal Zotero library--it might be helpful later.

Collecting Documents

1.  When you access a website through your browser, Zotero displays an icon (shown in red) on the address bar which
     allows you to save the document's metadata.

2. Clicking on the icon automatically saves the metadata to My Library (shown below). For some sites such as ACM Digital Library and Scitation, Zotero saves the associated PDF as an attachment. Other sites such as IEEE Xplore do not allow PDF attachments, but link to the paper's abstract page for quick access.

3. For Google Scholar, you can import multiple search results at the same time when you click on the small folder icon in the address bar.

Share to HPLP Library

3. To share your documents with the HPLP Group, open the Zotero program. Find the document you wish to share and drag and drop it into the appropriate folder under Group Libraries > HPLP. The HPLP Papers folders hold papers generated by our group, whereas Research Papers holds pubs generated by other groups. Please feel free to create new/re-arrange folders to better find and organize relevant papers.