High-Performance Low-Power (hplp) Lab

The High-Performance Low-Power (HPLP) Laboratory is dedicated to research in the area of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) Circuit design. Ongoing research ranges from power-, temperature- and reliability-aware CMOS circuit design to explorations in spintronics and nanoelectronics.


The UVA ECE Department has approximately 2,500 square feet of research laboratory space containing more than $25 million in hardware and software. In addition, the PI’s High Peformance Low Power (HPLP) lab has space, equipment, and computing for all IC design and verification activities. 

   HPLP Github Repo

Group Github Repo for open source software, tools and resources. 


In addition to software provided by UVA ITC center, HPLP is equipped with custom and semicustom, and CAD software from all major EDA vendors, such as Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys.


Hardware includes oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, waveform generators, and PCs instrumented with data acquisition boards and LabView.  The Microelectronics Laboratory in the ECE Department has facilities that include 3500 square feet of clean room space equipped with all of the processing equipment necessary to fabricate state-of-the-art semiconductor devices, from epitaxial growth through die separation. Additional facilities are available for the electrical, optical and RF characterization of solid-state materials, devices and circuits. Significant laboratory space is also available for use in microwave and electro-optic device characterization.


HPLP Group offers detailed tutorials on many relevant VLSI design tools and PDKs (such as 14nm FinFET, PTM Models, 28nm FDSOI, 130nm bulk, etc.)

   HPLP Wiki Page

This is a wiki page which includes the details of each project and also shared resources for HPLP members. This page needs access permission.


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